I confessed to Mike today that I don’t pray for him anymore. and so I’m going to try to make that more of a habit. A joyful habit. I am realizing recently that my heart – and subsequently my mouth – has a high proclivity to complain rather than be thankful. and I think Jesus is letting me realize how much comparing Mike to others is really hurtful instead of helpful. so I’d like to pray more for a thankful heart – and a thankful mouth – and to stop comparing, both inwardly and outwardly. It’s not encouraging to Mike. 

I remember when Joel was doing premarital counseling with us, he was talking about recognizing that we were God’s gift to each other. Mike is God’s gift to me. and what a good gift he is! My comparisons lose focus on that and rather focus on “upgrading” him, which is just selfish on my end. 

So, Lord, help me. Correcting my heart is something You are much better at than I. And meanwhile, I can renew my mind to be more thankful. take the weeds out of my brain. 


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