I am an angry person.

I love that Jesus is honest about anger. It’s a good reaction when there’s something to be legitimately angry about. But too often I am angry about self-focused things. I get angry when I think about sin done against me. I am more angry at the people (which can also sometimes be right), but too often, for me, it can result in a hard heart against the person and make it harder to be kind, gracious, calm. That is not what anger is intended to do, I don’t think. If my anger gets in the way of me acting like Jesus to the other person, my anger can turn into a curse instead of a good thing God uses to show me how things are intended to be.

And I’m also finding that my anger against others can show itself in how I treat others close to me. If I am angry at one person, I tend to find myself “rejecting” others they are close to. I lump more people into the same category as the one against whom I nurse this feeling, and close myself off to feel less pain, often avoiding even talking with the person.

Lord, this isn’t how anger is intended. I am sinning in my heart which results in sinning as far as how my anger is executed. Show me the value of kindness. Let me not forget that you could be far, far angrier with me and instead you’ve chosen to pour Your grace over me, not once, but daily. Help me to not just let go of my anger but to give it over to You.


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