It’s ten days into the start of 2015. Somehow they have gone by quickly and yet it doesn’t feel as though 10 days have gone by!

The months since I posted last have been quiet. Nothing big has happened. We had our first married Christmas, our first anniversary (of many), we cooked and baked and ate together. I’ve re-watched all 5 seasons of The Good Wife (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing).

Since life is so quiet these days, it seems hard to know what to write about. There are so many times I think “Oh, that’s something I should write about” — often in the middle of a workday, or a sermon, or something Mike and I are talking about, or recipes we make — but the proverbial pen never makes it to the proverbial page. That might be a good thing. It might not. I’m not sure if writing down the mundane will be something I value later or if it will only be fodder to sort through.

Nevertheless, here are small moments coming to mind right now that I want to remember:

–Thanksgiving: We were with Mike’s family. Black Friday marked two years since we were dating, two years since I had gone there to meet his family. Those two years ago, I remember leaving their house thinking that spending time with his family was pretty much the same as spending time with mine. And now they are my family, just as dear to me as my birth family.

–December 6: we went to Annapolis for a fancy date night. We used a wedding gift from our friend, on whose recommendation we went to Maggiano’s. After that we went to the Naval Academy, to see the Messiah. It was the first time I’d been back in the chapel since singing there seven years earlier. Wonderful to hear.

–Christmas morning: we woke up and made our own mini breakfast before going over to Mom and Dad’s. We slept in (sort of) that morning. We used our wedding china.

–Our anniversary was wonderful. We went to church and then went home. We had a lunch of vegetables and hummus (we ate the entire container), and then went to My Thai for dinner later. We played Forbidden Island and Pentago. We feasted on cake. We gave each other cards. It was the perfect “us” day. I love that after a year together we are both so content with our life! I can’t wait for future years!

–We made pizza for Alan, Mom and Dad. Alan had never had our homemade pizza before. He loved it. Every slice was gone by the end of the night.

–Making fried rice in our 12″ skillet was pretty epic.

–Jan. 6: the first snowfall of 2015. Mike got up with me and started cleaning my car before I was ready to go. I love that man.

It’s hard to believe a year’s gone by – a year of being married, a year of watching some of our dear friends get engaged, growing closer to each other and to Jesus – I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. It’ll be a hard year. But I’m looking forward to seeing what I learn.


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